Where in the World Have I Been

It’s been awhile since my last post and so much has happened and changed or advanced.

For as long as I can remember I have had numbness in my right arm and especially in my fingers and hand as a whole. During this past fall the incidence of such numbness increased. There were several nights where I would awaken to an entirely dead arm that ached something fierce. So during my annual doctors appointment I mentioned to him that this was becoming more of an issue and a problem.

The first appointment was with a neurologist. He tested the the nerve responses in my  right hand  and arm by inserting a really thin needle and then applying an electrical current to that muscle. I know I am a little odd in that I really like to watch these sorts of things(especially when they are happening to me). And as I watched I got to ask a myriad of questions. He was really good about answering my questions and then explaining the results that appeared in graph form on the computer.

My next appointment was with Dr. Rosquetti at Coastal Orthopaedics in Brunswick. He was very good about explaining the pros and cons of such a procedure, although he did say that there was a 97% success rate. I’m not entirely sure where I derailed but I decided not to have the carpal tunnel surgery. But then after returning to my office and speaking to some of my staff I changed my mind.

On Monday December 8th i had my surgery. It’s a good thing they told me to get someone to drive me home afterwards. I quite frankly don’t remember getting home. I do recall that the nurses and anesthesiologist and all were really nice and it was certainly not a bad experience. It was more a necessary experience that I had put off for just a little too long.

So that’s why I have been out of commission for so long. My hand gets better each day and even at my last doctors appointment he suggested that I do more and more. It’s kind of funny that as I tell people that I have had this surgery they share their experiences with the same surgery and what I can expect in my recovery. While the post-op appointments should be over in March, I understand that the recovery will last a little longer.

In mid December I embarked on a 30 day challenge. The site was put together by Antony Askew and has originally been for members of the Global alliance. My challenges have been 1.) to exercise for a minimum of 35 minutes a day, 2.) to spend an hour a day cleaning the house and 3.) spend an hour a day reading.

I actually started riding a stationary cycle before my surgery but after the surgery the older cycle died. I had had it for some 10+ years. Still it was dreadfully inconvenient for it to expire, especially when I had limited ability to move it or fix it. But I managed to get a new one and also managed to get the young man next door, Matt, home for the holiday to come put it all together for me.

I’ve been most consistent with the exercise. The cleaning and reading continue to be a challenge although I am working at it all.

My next adventure, related to the exercise is a desire to lose weight. So, I discovered accidentally that one of my Global Alliance Buddies is an authority on EFT and is involved in a weight loss program. So I have connected with her and have embarked on this program. It’s a shift, but in just the first four days I have dropped Six pounds and have more energy than I really know what to do with. An unexpected incentive to losing the weight is that the Cinch Program is doing a promotion where the winner can win $25,000.00 for losing the most amount of weight. I am going to lose 90 pounds altogether.

So, while the initial 30 day challenge with the Global Alliance is coming to a close, I am yet inspired to lose weight with a rather nice Grand Prize awaiting me at the finish line. Tomorrow, among other things I need to finish taking my measurements and then submit my information so that Cinch can just write out that $25,000. check now. I’m going to win it!

In addition tomorrow I embark on another adventure where I will be earning an income online.

See you on the next post.

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