Challenged Out of My Comfort Zone

To Write or Not to Write

Well as it would happen not writing today or for the next ten days is really not an option at the moment.

A few days ago, maybe even a week or so, it’s hard to tell sometimes with the plethora of things I have to do all the time I was challenged with a challenge. Actually it wasn’t just me. You see there’s this group of fellow entrepreneurs to which I belong and the most recent activity there includes this challenge which has only just started today.

The first part of this challenge is to write (at least) one blog post a day. The idea is to get into a habit so that writing each day comes more naturally and isn’t seen as a huge undertaking. Any task can be seen as overwhelming if we let them.

Several years ago I was involved in a 90-day video challenge where we were supposed to do a video each day for 90 days. At the time I hadn’t made even one video of myself so for the first seven days I was virtually paralyzed. Just imagine the fear and trepidation compounding daily for seven long days. I think my house was the cleanest it’s even been as I procrastinated doing those videos.

Interestingly it wasn’t the topic that was my biggest challenge it was the doing it at all. The assignment for those first seven videos was to talk about the seven things that I found most difficult about internet-marketing. (While I don’t remember them all I have seen the videos lurking about on a hard drive somewhere).

After seven long grueling days causing myself more unhappiness and anxiety that was ever really necessary I decided to take the plunge and made seven videos in one day. I didn’t do just one long video and call it seven days worth. I actually did the seven (plus 2 more) separate videos each with their own topic as well as with a different shirt and in a different part of the yard.

After completing the first seven I then made one about my cat Tuxedo and I created another where I sang happy birthday to a friend.

So for this current challenge, rather that waiting for ten days and then attempting to write ten blog posts all at the same time I have concluded to face the challenge head on.

I’m looking forward to being challenged out of my comfort zone.

If you are interested in reading more about me and what I may be up to or where I am traveling you can go to Travels With Jim and soon you can come over to Travel & Cakes.

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