Getting Started in Copywriting Part 1

Okay, here I go off into the wonderful world of copywriting. I’ve been spending a considerable time reading and collecting materials and trying to figure out where to start. And in the process I have established a collection of bullet points that I need to address while on this journey.

I am already a successful offline business owner. In that world know what is and is not work time is easy. The office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, unless we get one of those snowstorms that essentially shut down the entire state.

Nevertheless in order to be successful setting a specific time when you are at work is important. You know you better than anyone so it is up to you to decide what time of day that will be for and for how long a period you think you will be optimally productive.

So establish that time and then give some thought to the myriad distractions that are a part of daily life. We have the home phone, the cell phone (I have two) the computer with its very tempting internet and or games. How about chat room notifications, the TV, the housework you were going to do, the gardening project that’s needed your attention. All of these and more will pull at your attention until you establish a definite work time and place and establish a plan of action for dealing with all of those.

Then create a schedule. You must establish the best time of day for you to do your work. Some like mornings others prefer afternoons or evenings. There is some argument that first thing in the morning is the best time as you are at your freshest. I have forever written out schedules, especially on airplanes when I am headed home from a conference that has inspired me to (more) action. If you need to, you can be as specific as possible with your schedule as in 5:00 get up. 5:30 to 6:15 exercise routine, 6:30 shower and so on. In order for this schedule to work the best for you, it must be reasonable, it must work for you and you need to write it down and follow it.

To be continued in the next post. Stay tuned.

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