This is My Story and I’m Sticking to it!

So what am I doing here on MySpace? Well, like many people on MySpace I’m here to network, meet interesting new people, explore all the unknown (to me anyway) of the internet and make new friends. Already I have made some fine connections with new and multi-talented people.
I’m also here to learn from more experienced network marketers how it is that I can get to where they are now. I have read and heard many times that one of the best ways to get to your goal is to replicate what others who are successful have done before you. And that’s exactly what I did in my offline business. I looked to some of the successful businesses and copied the things I liked and then improved on others.

This is not a new path for me. I have been searching for a long time to find something that would work for me online. It’s a dream of mine to be able to make an online income so that I can follow my passion for world travel. I have been to many places which has only sparked an interest to get to many others. And in this search I have spent crazy money on programs and courses and MLM opportunities and anything and everything that I thought might get me to that elusive online success that I so crave. Of course what I was missing was the marketing sense.

I think I have been an easy mark for a lot of these programs that offer untold wealth for almost no involvement. Who wouldn’t want to earn $100,000 per month, and do virtually nothing but let the system run it’s course? Just imagine the possibilities and the pure freedom that that would bring. I have a terrible time doing cold calls; partly because I can’t stand it when people call me to sell me something that I just don’t want. And you might have guessed that I have virtually no marketing or selling success. In my offline business I never really needed to market anything. All I did was tell people we were there and they came to us.

I spent a ton of money purchasing leads. At some point I got the idea that the only people benefiting from these purchased leads were the lead companies themselves.

And Google AdWords just didn’t work for me at all. Then sending out postcards, distributing fliers, pitching to my warm market and/or family and friends are all things that I have tried with little or no success. Nevertheless I see that there are people out here who are making significant incomes online and so I know that there are methods. So I am here on MySpace and other sites to learn from those who have come before me so that I too may find my way to a nice internet income.

Would you like to know more?

Here’s a little background information about myself.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I am the oldest (50 Yikes) child of an Orthopaedic surgeon. He was team doctor for the Denver Broncos for awhile. My mother was a college graduate who had a passion for landscape architecture and languages. She was an avid reader. I remember that she was always reading something. And later on she learned to speak French fluently which came in handy when she took me to France. Unlike many of my fellow entrepreneurs I think I had a fairly decent childhood. I certainly can’t say that there were 12 kids, we had a dirt floor and that I had to walk 12 miles in two feet of snow to get to school. That might have been fun, but it was not my experience.

I lived in Denver with my Father and Mother, brother and sister. For as long as I can remember we had a house in the mountains and so we were always off skiing in the winter. The last house we had was at the fork of two rivers in Aspen which was also a great place to be in the summer. We had a lot of fun there. I also had the opportunity to do considerable horseback riding and spent at least two summers on a dairy farm in southwestern-ish Colorado. That was a long time ago, but I distinctly remember the episode when my brother and I left the gate unlatched and all the dairy cows got out and trotted down the road. Adolph was not happy with us.

When I got out of High School I opted to work for a few years because I couldn’t see spending huge amounts of money attending college and having no idea what I wanted to do or study. So after spending four years working primarily as an orderly (in the hospital where I had been born) I decided to go to college.

I thought I wanted to be a Veterinarian because I enjoy animals and I like to help. But alas my mathematical skills are, well, challenging. So I changed my major to Psychology. I actually graduated with two degrees, the one in Psychology and another in English. I then went on to The University of Denver where I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work.

By that point I had lived my entire life in Colorado, and I wanted to see other parts of the world and the country. So after sending my resume out all over the country I landed in Maine. I moved here not knowing a sole. It was scary leaving the security I had known all my life and entering a new adventure in a far off place. But I’m still here, so it can’t be all that bad.

I initially took a position in a mental health center in Brunswick and after working there as a therapist for almost 10 years I left to essentially take a break from therapy and drove an 18 wheeler primarily up and down the east coast. My first load was 80,000 pounds of flat Maine stones which were delivered to a billionaire in Texas who wanted his house to have that Maine look. I also got to take a load of Maine timbers out to Boulder, Colorado for another Billionaire to build a log cabin. And while I was there I was able to spend the Christmas Holidays with my family.

Somewhere along the line I decided that I wanted to be the Billionaire. I don’t see why not!

When I had had enough of that, I returned to Maine where I returned to another position working with the mentally ill. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I just wasn’t suited to be working for someone else for much longer.

So I started my own business. That was just seven years ago. I seem to have this penchant for jumping off the deep end. The scariest part for me was that I didn’t get paid for the first 12 months. But I did it and while it’s been an uphill battle, I never want to go back.

All along this path I have searched high and low for that magical internet opportunity where I can take a lap top and a cell phone off to the beaches of Tahiti or a pub in Ireland working a few hours here and there but essentially enjoying my life, traveling and helping others to do the same.

So here I am, not really jumping off the deep end like I have before but still creating my next adventure. Like so many other things I have done before I see this process as just that, a process. I’m essentially on the ground floor taking one step and one day at a time. Now I have mentors and the Ohana support group where I can get help putting anything together. Even more recently I joined the Global Alliance: Join The Global Alliance Click Here, a group dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, inspire one another and take our dreams to the next level. Now I feel like I have direction and focus. I know it’s going to take time. There is no such thing as instant wealth. It’s a nice fantasy but any business takes time, energy and consistency to build.

I don’t know about you, but I have encountered a vast amount of information on the net. And there is no definitive step by step program that I have found that really delivers on “here it is, follow this and you’ll get there.” What I have learned more is “here it is, now you figure out where to start and just start.”

So, I’ve started, and it may be somewhat lofty, but what I want to do is put down my steps as I am doing them so that I can help others get to where I am going. So far my biggest obstacle has been me. And the biggest hurdle has been to get started and just do one thing every day (and maybe two on Saturday).

So lets get started………!

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