Diane Hochman Email Marketing Presentation Notes

Email Marketing Notes from the MLSP Presentation:


Newsletter – allows you to follow up with your subscribers 356 days a year.

Look for people that resonate with me

Quality not Quantity

My Newsletter is a gift to people

Create Great Content and build your list

Autoresponder – Fill out all content info completely

Your disclaimer info can be in a signature file but you must have one.

*The sender of this email receives compensation. Results are not typical.

Technique – You can pre-write email letters although sometimes they are better when there is some spontaneity

-Write live via the broadcast feature.

Build trust

-Hey here’s a webinar

-Hey here’s a video of me doing this or that

-My job is to get them in front of the message that will get them to purchase- and that may take some extra exposure.

Every Single Lead you have is like a seed. Steady information to them..consistent messages of a positive nature produces the best results

The trust factor is the most important –

pitch your newsletter not your product

Beg people for their time not their money

Biz tips and ideas

Learn with Jim- Teach them everything that I am learning. Share the videos and the notes.

Get them in the door for the first email.

What to write?

10 categories

Twist Your List Pro outlines the categories in more detail but here is a synopsis…


Bonding & Trust

1.) Curation – Find interesting  content – Hey i came across this interesting article on…I thought you might like it. – Something helpful and/or interesting – Chowder recipe- a song- something fun and/or goofy.

2.) Invitation to content-

you’ve created something that could be helpful to your list- Not selling anything..and ebook, chart, video, MLSP trainings

3.) Story letters – what am I doing- where am I going- Pets- travel- just chatty stuff.

4.) Results or a case study-

Here’s so and so and here’s what they did that will help your audience.

5,) A Love Letter – Just say thank you to your list from time to time. You appreciate the people on your list genuinely.

-write as if you are writing to just one person- be caring and sensitive – formatting- don’t write wide(in get response set the width to 350 as that works well on mobile as well as desktop) and people generally scroll downward, not from side to side.

  • put in a lot of spaces and keep paragraphs to no more than 2 to 3 sentences.
  • Don’t mistake list size for the potential trust based income
  • 100 people on your list can be fabulous.

Money Emails $$

1.) Edification = edification of a speaker or a presentation..talking someone else up. *Merna and her coming webinar.

2.) Success story = Here’s Johnny..he did this, implemented than and got this which led to his success.

3,) Event Invite = Bring them to a webinar presentation or a live event

4.) Presentation Invite = No hardcore pitch..more like if you want to see blah, blah, blah..go here

5.) The Hardcore Pitch = The offer letter and bonus..might even say on your email Blatant Pitch enclosed. Clickfunnels webinars- MLSP- Social Pro.

Take something you’ve learned here and share it with your emails


Just Jump in and do it. Put it on a daily to do list

-Write like you talk

  • when you start to write the way you talk- write as if you are one on one with another person
  • Write emails as if i were writing letters to Aileen or Joan or Billy & Gayle
  • Just be you
  • Learn something new every day and then write an email about it.
  • You have to believe that you have something viable to say/offer
  • The subject line is the most important part of your email – it determines who will open your emails for a look inside.
  • You can sent emails any time but be cognizant that if you send them out too late that they might never be seen.
  • You can’t add people to an autoresponder if they haven’t opted in to an email..although in my experience I get oodles of emails from people I haven’t a clue as to who they are or where they came from. And then if you unsubscribe they appear under another name..sneaky but stupid.
  • Keep the double opt-in off
  • Subject Lines = Headlines look at for headline ideas.
  • observe what others are writing- you’re building a community
  • and as others have something every day…

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