What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a specialized writer who works mainly on creating sales oriented messages. The career would fall under the general category of writer, but being a copywriter is different than being a general writer or reporter writer. Copy refers to text in advertisements, especially in the newspaper business, or radio and television. The media Continue Reading


Copywriting is one of those careers that requires excellent communication skills, particularly in the areas of grammar and spelling. Many people think they can do copywriting, but soon discover that to do this as a business requires a lot of knowledge, time, and tenacity that not everyone can muster. There is ample opportunity for work Continue Reading

Brochure Copywriting

Brochure copywriting can be an interesting vocation because there are so many different topics that a brochure can cover. Topics for brochures can range from writing about exotic vacation spots to teaching someone about safety in different aspects of their life. I’ve seen brochures at hardware stores that teach certain basic skills to customers. Still Continue Reading

Bad Copywriting

Bad Copywriting Copywriting is a skill that is learned over time and improves with practice and extreme attention to detail. Creating copy for the Internet requires focus and an understanding of the types of content Internet users seek, along with a basic understanding of the written word. Bad copywriting proliferates the Internet. Some copywriting comes Continue Reading

Copywriting Definition

Copywriting, in the most general sense, is a word that refers to writing that is promotional in purpose. Usually, but not always, it is sales oriented. Copywriting can also be informational, or descriptive. Copywriter refers to the person who creates the word strings of copywriting, and they are slightly different than a writer, or reporter. Continue Reading