Copywriting Definition

Copywriting, in the most general sense, is a word that refers to writing that is promotional in purpose. Usually, but not always, it is sales oriented. Copywriting can also be informational, or descriptive. Copywriter refers to the person who creates the word strings of copywriting, and they are slightly different than a writer, or reporter. Copywriter would fall under the job description category of writer, but the duties are pointed towards promotional writing.

The word “copy” is a catch all word for the material that will be inserted into an advertisement, speech, or other written creation. Copywriting involves taking general knowledge, and/or research on a topic and creating a written piece that promotes or informs others about a product, a service, or a company.

The most familiar sales copywriting is seen in printed advertisements, and in radio, TV, or web commercials. The words are crafted to create an image, and prompt a response from the listener, reader, or viewer. Sales copy is the most directed writing, with the aim to create action. The action can range from clicking to a website, making a phone call, or visiting a business. From that point on, the result of the sale is in the hands of the physical salesperson who fields the call or visit.

Copywriting used with actual images is the best sales tool. It is said that a photograph is worth 1000 words, and the image can reinforce and amplify any copywriting. However, the catchy headline copy is the bait that catches the potential customer, and leads them into the advertisement where the image and any other copywriting continues the sales job.

The best sales copywriting is short and to the point. Lengthy descriptions have their place in advertising copywriting once the reader or viewer is hooked into the sales pitch.

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