What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is a specialized writer who works mainly on creating sales oriented messages. The career would fall under the general category of writer, but being a copywriter is different than being a general writer or reporter writer. Copy refers to text in advertisements, especially in the newspaper business, or radio and television. The media copywriter takes information from salespeople and creates an advertisement for a client. That ad is then finished, if needed, by the art or creative department, and then inserted into the print or electronic media. The internet has opened many new opportunities for copywriters to make money writing content for websites.

The copywriter enjoys taking basic information and making it understandable to a wide audience, and working the information into copy that will create interest. That copy should create interest strong enough to either generate a sales call, inform, or help create an image. It helps to have a very broad background of experiences upon which to draw, and an excellent knowledge of language and grammar. Spelling and proofreading are also very important to a copywriter.

As a career, the copywriter usually will start with an entry type job, and with experience may move to better paying positions. Like much creative work, making a living as a copywriter is not easy, but with determination and drive, a person can enjoy a good income from this career. A college education is helpful, but not always necessary. The thing education can do for a copywriter is provide much general information, and open doors to opportunity.

The most important thing for a copywriter to have would be the ability to use language, create sales messages, and make their work of interest to the reader. Copywriting is an art form, and the wordsmith copywriter can truly enjoy creating their art.

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