My name is Jim Talbott. While I had what most would consider to be a very successful offline business, I am currently interested in and working towards creating an online presence.


This site is my personal journal where I share my experiences, recommendations, advice and my personal progress journey.



Beware the unethical

I think it's a wee bit funny that since I have essentially turned off the TV  that I have found and been sucked into another addiction of sorts. Back in August, I think, I joined a group called the Global Continue Reading

Getting Started in Copywriting~ Part 2

In my last post I spoke about a few of the bullet points to developing a mindset geared toward being self employed as a copywriter and making the changes in your life that will help you to be successful. In Continue Reading

Getting Started in Copywriting Part 1

Okay, here I go off into the wonderful world of copywriting. I’ve been spending a considerable time reading and collecting materials and trying to figure out where to start. And in the process I have established a collection of bullet Continue Reading

Where in the World Have I Been

It's been awhile since my last post and so much has happened and changed or advanced. For as long as I can remember I have had numbness in my right arm and especially in my fingers and hand as a Continue Reading

This is My Story and I’m Sticking to it!

So what am I doing here on MySpace? Well, like many people on MySpace I’m here to network, meet interesting new people, explore all the unknown (to me anyway) of the internet and make new friends. Already I have made Continue Reading