Beware the unethical

I think it’s a wee bit funny that since I have essentially turned off the TV  that I have found and been sucked into another addiction of sorts. Back in August, I think, I joined a group called the Global Alliance. I paid $1,000.00 for a life time membership. And the hype was that I would learn all the internet skills that I needed to become successful. The reality was far different. I paid all that money for a chat, and mostly a social chat.

Recently I have asked for a refund from the group leader of the Global Alliance because  she has essentially left the group without any notice to the membership. She told me in a chat conversation that she was disappointed that I was a quitter. So I said that I was disappointed that she too was a quitter because she had essentially left the Global Alliance Group without any explanation, despite the fact that she had created the group. Immediately she informed me that just because she was leaving a group did not make her a quitter. Ergo the hypocrisy.

I’ve chosen to leave the Global Alliance because there is no alliance, global or otherwise. There is only control and anger and an overall feeling that one should submit to thier will. Thier rhetoric is that it is YOUR group not THEIR group but that is never the case. Beware. There is no integrity in the administration of The Global Alliance and I vanquish all affiliatition with such an organization. I will only and ever forth operate in an ethical and supportive fashion.

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