Building Credibility

Increasing your credibility in your copywriting is the number one way to improve your ability to improve your ability to sell your product or service.

Not until your readers know who you are or what it is that you have to offer are you going to see much in the way of sales. You could be one of the most genuine and generous people out there with a product that could easily be second to none, but not until you are a known and trusted entity with substantial credibility will you really see sales improve.

In today’s world and especially with the current economic turmoil customers are more careful about where they want to spend their hard earned money.

Years ago MTV had this slogan: “Too much is never enough.” That slogan has stuck with me all these years and seems to be applicable here and now in building and maintaining credibility in your copywriting endeavors. The message is that you want to go overboard getting your name out there so that when customers are deciding to purchase from you they actually have something to look at besides just your word.

Here are some ideas to get you started. 1.)  Gather as many personal and professional testimonials as you can. The more you have the better. You should also get product testimonials as well. 2.)  Research that supports your claim. 3.)  A recorded video or audio interview with someone who already has significant credibility. 4.)  Make use of e-zines and forums. 5.)  Post comments on blogs and youtube. 6.)  Do market comparisons with similar products and/or services. 7.)  Create your own PDF. 8.) Create your own video tutorial.

In the end you want to build a name and reputation for yourself both on and offline that will earn you the credibility that you will need to compete in todays copywriting market.

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