Writing Hot Ads

When writing good copy it is essential to address either a need that the customer has or the desire they have to end some pain in their lives. Then, you want to connect with them in such a way that you feel what they feel.

You want to address your customer directly. Write your copy as if you are speaking to a good friend about the solution to their problem or the answer to their dreams.You want to learn to really identify with the reader. You want to get into their shoes and feel what they feel, so that you have a better idea what to say to them. You want to know what excites them and moves them into action.

One of the best ways to really get into feeling what your customer is feeling or what they could be feeling after purchasing your product is to take the copy that you have written and read it aloud. This way you will get a sense of the flow and have a much better idea how it sounds to your customer. If you can create copy that excites even you, it’s more likely that your customer will also be excited.

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