Emotions & Copywriting

It’s a known fact that purchases are most often precipitated by some emotion. Most everyone who places a purchase is motivated by an emotional response to either fill a need or desire or to avoid some pain or unpleasantness.

There are any one of a number of different emotions that could be the motivating factor that would precipitate a purchase. The emotions most likely to inspire a purchase have been said to be, benevolence, curiosity, envy, fear, greed, insecurity, laziness, lust, pride and vanity. That’s not to say that it couldn’t be some other emotion but most good copywriters have focused their attentions on this more succinct list.

Ideally when writing copy you will want to know your target audience and what it is that is going to most likely motivate them towards a purchase.

It’s often quite helpful to put yourself in their shoes and really feel into why it is that you, the customer, want to make this purchase. Which emotional motivation is causing you to even consider such a purchase? Are you filling a void, responding in fear, wanting to outshine a rival, or find an easier way to complete an unpleasant or mundane task?

You can’t possibly ever cover all the emotions that might motivate a customer toward a purchase in one article. So it is imperative to have the best feel for what it is that you feel will be motivating your target audience. Given that, you will be able to identify a handful of emotions that can be addressed in your copy.

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