Why Would I Want to be a Copywriter?

Copywriting careers are in demand. Why? Because persuasive sales copy draws customers in — and the more customers a business has, the more money they’ll make. So companies pay big bucks for copywriters who can write the kind of sales copy that leave customers wanting more.

Most copywriters work on a freelance basis. However, there are copywriting careers available in advertising agencies or similar companies. If you work for an ad agency, you will more than likely be paid a salary, so your money making potential will be limited. But if you set your rates wisely and work smart, selling your copywriting services to companies on a freelance basis will provide you with the opportunity to make an endless amount of money.

The pay rates for creating sales copy for businesses can vary as there are a lot of variables to consider (time, project size, etc.). Some copywriting gigs can pay as little as $50 per project and others can give you the opportunity to make hundreds of dollars per job. Some copywriters set their rates on an hourly basis, but most business owners prefer to pay a flat fee so they’ll know exactly how much money the business will pay out once the project is complete.

Copywriting careers don’t cost much to get started. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a few business cards. To be successful in the business of copywriting you must have a sense of how advertising and marketing techniques work. You need to also be well organized, self-motivated and have good people skills.

There are a number of books, websites and online training courses that can provide you the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to start you on the path to a successful, money-making copywriting career.

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