Copywriting Motivation

All copywriting whether it is for webpage content describing a company, service, or item, an article explaining the need for such an item or service, or an email or snail mail sales letter, must be motivating.

Not all copy requires a “call to action.” Some clients will ask for articles that are simply generated to attract an interest in a product, or prove reason for need. Those types of copywriting are usually less “sales copy” and more “creative or investigative writing” but they have the same general purpose.

Most of the copywriting you will do will be for marketing purposes centers around sales incentives and getting a customer to buy a product. Emails, direct marketing, website content, pr releases all will have varying degrees of a “call to action.” Usually located toward the end of a piece a call to action urges readers to click a link, visit a website, or call a phone number to get more information about a product or service.

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