Copywriters as Investigators

In this lesson we will explore the investigation process. Many a copywriter attempts to write copy off the top of their head and not attend to many facts and facets in the real world that may make all the difference in the production of optimal and productive copy.
The real work of making great copy is done before you sit down to write anything. Any really good copy is the result of extensive research.

When you do sit down to write the copy you want to have discovered all the intricacies of the product or service that are going to attract others to that service You want to understand your target audience so that you can approach the development of your copy to address their needs, alleviate their fears and or enlighten their lives in some fabulous way.

Just like anything else particularly well done, it pays to be substantially informed about your product. Haphazardly throwing a bunch of ingredients into the pot isn’t necessarily going to result in fine cuisine. Just so, copy written without enough forethought and investigation may not net the desired result. Okay some people get lucky but wouldn’t you rather be in a place where you know for sure that the copy you are producing is of a quality that is backed by research into the product/service and has some insight into the psyche of both the customer and the seller.

Of ten the best source of research for anything is the people around you. They can be a wellspring of information about what the public is looking for and responding to in real time. But beware of overly favorable opinions or advice. Many people sugar coat the realities of everything. Getting an overall picture of what is and is not real is your goal.

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