The Emotional Response

It doesn’t seem to matter much what you might be reading but just about everyone has had those moments when reading an unexpectedly moving piece that affected us deeply and emotionally causing shivers down the spine, lumps in the throat, or even a tear or two.

Creating text that aims for the heart, or the emotional response, is the number one way to form an immediate and lasting connection with your readers, clients, or prospects. This is a great way for you to communicate your unique and valuable message. When you’re able to provide material that has moved people by eliviting an emotional response, you are establishing a deep connection that allows readers to remember you as a fellow human being who cares about the same things they do.

Most prospects are really looking to be inspired by some emotional connection that affects them acutely. More often than not it’s the emotional response that eill inspire a prospect to action. The best example of the power of creating copy that solicits an enthusiastic emotional response is found in brand marketing.

When a soft drink consumer enjoys a Coca Cola, they aren’t necessarily thinking about carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup. More often they are identifying with all of the fun experiences they either have had or anticipate having in association with the product.

There is an emotional response associated with people enjoying things like summer fun, downing a cold drink after an intense sporting activity, or a hot day at the beach playing in the ocean with friends and family. These are the sorts of messages that good copy writers craft in their advertising copy that aims for the heart and ultimately that emotional response.

One of the most significant skills to learn in writing such compelling material is also one of the most basic ground rules in sales: Believing in your product. In this case, your product is your message. This is the reason that you’re writing copy. Ultimately if you don’t believe in your message, then your customers will sense that.

Consider starting off the way professional advertisers do. Before ever getting started do some brainstorming or research on why it is that anyone would be inspired about that product. Take all the time you need to get into their heads and feel what it is they feel and think. Please don’t skip this step. When you do it right you will have found that same inspiration in yourself. The next step is to genuinely get excited about the product and what it can do for YOU as the customer. This will help you to confidently inspire others to take action. You will have touched them at their very core. You will have zeroed in on their hearts and subsequently managed to touch their desires with an emotional response.

Once you have the same feelings and desires as your prospects this is what will resonate as the heart of your copy. Take those images and craft them into copy that inspires your prospect towards the call to action by identifying with their passionate needs and desires. Do this, and you know that you’ll be writing copy that aims for the emotional response.

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